Nora (iolesims) wrote,

Alien Exploration Challenge Results

Welcome, welcome! I have 6 sims for you all today. Let's get started! Our first donor is...

bondchick_nett's absolutely adorable Megran Oz. I was SO excited when I rolled her.

She will be mating with...

katu's Woe Begone!! Talk about the cutest couple ever, you guys.

Together they make Anwar!! This proves to be an EXCELLENT start. He was the most adorable toddler I've ever had. REALLY

Download Anwar

He will be mating with...

pinkishshades's Jay Macmillan!

Let's see what comes out (get it) of this relationship...

We get Edom, who looks like SUCH the prototypical alien with huge eyes and a itty bitty nose.

I remember he had extremely tiny ears as a toddler, so much so that they looked a bit deformed, so I covered them up with his bowl cut.

Download Edom

He gets to spawn with...

charterzard's Lolo Brava!

They make...

Nana! Who somehow managed to inherit Megran's hair AND eyes AND get a random geneticized skintone! She doesn't look like her parents at all it seems.

Download Nana

Nana gets to mate with...

maranatah's Ois Nenimos, who I had already had in my game!

Together they bring me...

Calfu!! He got Lolo's hair. These custom hairs are skipping around all over the place!

Download Calfu

Calfu gets to be the last to mate.

He is paired with...

perchalicious's Razzle Danger! I wasn't able to download the CC version, so I tried to make her over the best I could! The last of our breeding leaves us with...


First we have Azzur. The first kid who actually looks like one of his parents.

Download Azzur

Second, and last, is Fulvi who magically seemed to be born with blonde hair despite all the dominant hair genes going on!

Download Fulvi

And there we have it! This was my first breeding challenge, and I have to say, it was a TON of fun. I might even try to do it again! I hope you enjoy my spawn!!

Featuring sims by: bondchick_nett, katu, pinkishshades, charterzard, maranatah, and perchalicious
Tags: breeding challenge, download, download: sim, pixel_trade
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