Nora (iolesims) wrote,

Lakeview Y4 Summer Wrap-up

Okay, this time it has really been a while. My last update was in March! I'm a full season ahead, so let's make this a quick update for the rest of the summer cycle. Well, quick in that it's mostly pictures but slow in that I've added a bunch of new families.

The Fosters

Her name is Marva! She looks quite a lot like one of her dads, too.

The Greengrasses

This is going to be happening a lot. Be warned: there are three pregnancies in this update alone.

Their firstborn is a boy named Kale.

Twin girls!! This is Sage...

and Clover.

One less baby in the house! Kale grew up to a toddler.

Here is another boy, Myron.

By the way, Basil doesn't have a proper job so they are incredibly poor while their crops are growing.

Piper Wakefield (Poverty Challenge)

sigh Piper is just too good at work so she has to quit another job.

And again, another promotion.

I only let her dig once a day, so this was a happy surprise!

This... not as great a surprise. Thank goodness she has that extra money.

It's a girl named Sydney. I bet you all can guess who her father is.

Amazingly enough, by the end of the week Piper could afford to sell her little shack and move into one of the small homes by the park.

Pratima and Sonali Mehra

Pratima is a major gamer. She even wants to become a Game Designer.

This is her sister, Sonali. She is more interested in dating than anything else.

In fact, she almost immediately went on a date with Ian Briggs.

Prospect Davies and Ted ??

Ted has a last name that isn't Davies but I forget what it is. Maybe next time.

Naomi Landau and Vera Everett

The Jarvis Family (A Trailer Park Challenge)

This is Denver Jarvis, my founder for a trailer park challenge -- how fun!

He ends up getting engaged to fellow redhead Tara Douk.

First pop! Now we can have that wedding.

It's a girl! Her name is Charlotte.

They even get to hold their first yard sale! Hopefully this will help with the bills.


Welcome to Sim State University!

This is Lorena Osorio, a romance sim interested in medicine.

Here's another newcomer, Jeffrey Zhang.

Josie Ashmore is another new face.

Here's someone we've seen before! This is Jasper Everett.

More new faces... this is Julian Kettle.

In the front is Graham whose last name escapes me, followed by Alison Everett and Bijou Landau.

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