Nora (iolesims) wrote,

Y4W14: The Everett-Tellors

It's been so long since my last update! I've been in China this past semester so I haven't had time to put any of this together. I'm already on the next season so I'll be trying to catch up with updates over the next couple of weeks.

Felix grew up! So did Arthur, but I don't seem to have a photo of him.

While Nana is at work, Henry teaches the littlest one.

The rest of the teens in the neighborhood (most of them cousins) stop by after school.

Jasper and Bijou have been going steady for a while now. :-)

Henry and Nana are still very much in love.

Jasper was accepted into college!

Vera grew up into an adult.

Of course, she still had feelings for Naomi.

Felix doesn't seem to enjoy getting help from his older sister... (where is his twin Arthur? He's been missing this whole update!)

Vera seems to be getting along better with the older members of the family.

Looks like someone got a promotion! Though to be honest, he's been doing that every day he gets home from work.

Daisy is no longer a toddler! Hurray!

And we end this update sending Alison off to college as well! You'll see them again later on. :-)

Tags: everett, lakeview, week 14
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